Like Google Grid Gallery's

This Blueprint is a responsive grid gallery based on the gallery by Google for the Chromebook Getting Started guide. In this Blueprint we use Masonry for the grid and 3D transforms for navigating...


3D Items Quick View slider

A simple 3D animation for your gallery items, to make it easy for users to discover more about your products without having to leave the page.

The idea behind this resource is: if I have a...


Extremely easy 3D Carousel slider jQuery plugin supporting IE8, IE9

A simple 3D carousel widget. It supports all major browsers including IE8,9 with best effort. Full 3D effect requires css transform3d support browsers. And this widget works with not only images...


High performance 3D-perspective carousel for jQuery / Zepto

A 3D perspective carousel for jQuery/Zepto focused on performance, based on the original Cloud Carousel by Professor Cloud


Works with jQuery and...


jR3DCarousel - jQuery 3D Responsive Carousel

jQuery Responsive 3D Carousel - jR3DCarousel by Vinayak Rangnathrao Jadhav. jR3DCarousel is a derived from the origin project - jRCarousel. jR3DCarousel is a jQuery plugin for responsive 3d...


Beautiful 3D Carousel for Vue.js

Beautiful, flexible and touch supported. 3D Carousel for Vue.js With CSS transition you will get nice and smooth slide transition in 3D effect. nside slides you can display any html content or...